Monday, February 04, 2013


I am here. Still stitching + loving it. I thought that I'd share some of what I have been making.

pizza KM navar ts Pepper1

I love making every couple + hope that they are loved just as much!


Thursday, October 25, 2012


stitches threads

Life has been really hectic around these parts lately.
I've been stitching up a storm to get some Etsy orders done and taking very little photographs.
This week has taught me how important it is to manage your time. Hopefully this weekend will give me some time to catch up!


Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Halloween Wreath

I love Halloween.
I have been daydreaming how I would like to decorate our home for this great month. I don't usually care for most store wreaths because they are expensive + not quite my taste.
This year I was determined to make my own for the same price as a store bought one. The total cost for this project was about $20 + I am quite happy with it. It can also be changed year to year with different accessories.


Grapevine wreath
Spider Webbing
Black spray paint
Spiders + accessories

Spray paint the wreath black. I used a semi gloss and love how it looks shiny, but feel free to use any type.
Let dry and continue spray painting it black until fully coated.

After it has dried + the paint has set, you can start decorating it. I took the faux spider web and stretched it across the back of the wreath then added some spiders. Then I put some webbing on the front and attached the rest of my critters.

wreath wreath2

I hope you enjoy it + consider making your very own wreath this year!


Thursday, August 30, 2012


Yesterday I had to get out.
To see how this little city was fairing in the gusts.
Find out how much storm surge we were really having.
And of course take some pictures.

Dock Flag wet rust marina birds Sam

{1} the marina docks {2} wind swept flag {3} submerged dock {4} old rusty pipe {5} boats at home {6} birds soaring {7} back to bed, where we belong on a stormy day. 

The city is fine.
A little disheveled from all this wind, but still going strong.
We await the sunshine.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things I Have Learned About Cats

Yes, I am a cat lady.
I have lived among felines for almost all of my life now.
Although the past six years have been the only ones spent with exclusive indoor cats.
I have learned many things sharing a home with these creatures.
{Some things I wish I could take back.}

Here are my tips for living with cats...

Learn to love cat hair.

Your favorite things will probably get destroyed.

If you think you smell cat pee, you do.
If you have searched the entire house + still cannot find the source of said odor,
check the clothes you are wearing. :/

Do not introduce yogurt {or other human foods} to them.
You will never be able to eat in peace again.

Your cat does not think he is smarter than you.
He knows he is smarter than you + will not hesitate to prove it.

Beware of that playful face your cat makes while laying on his back.
It might look like he is begging you to rub his luscious belly fur.
He is not. It's a trap.

They are constantly planning their escape routes,
and you are only hindering them.

Whenever you are working your hardest, they need your attention.


You will spend your future looking for furniture that is scratch proof.
And apologizing to others for their ruined furniture.
{Again, sorry husband..}

I also have learned that..

They helped me gain my independence.

They are the cutest little beasts I've ever known.

Everyday they melt my heart.

They have taught me so much about myself + the type of parent I will be.

They helped me fall in love with my husband more everyday by seeing his kindness towards them.

There is nothing quite as cute as a kitten.

What sage advice have felines {or dogs, or children..} lent you?


Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Snippets: Daytona

We got back from our short little trip to Daytona this week.
It was wonderful + relaxing {aside from the long car rides}.

The beach there is quite different from ours.
The waves are much larger on the East coast.
I saw a lot more pelicans fly by than I have ever seen.
It is a beautiful + enchanting place.

Thanks to my hubby for letting me tag along + enjoy the coast.
I will always cherish little trips like these.

More Driving Almost There Welcome Umbrellas Puffy Pier Bed View Flight Sunrise

{1} the long road ahead {2} final bridge {3} welcome {4} umbrellas on the beach {5} puffy clouds {6} pier {7} view from my bed {8} finally caught one of these guys flying by {9} good morning ocean

Where have you been recently?


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Home Tour: The Office

Well we have been in our new little home for over a month now.
I think it's time to share some bits of it.
Now keep in mind we are still adjusting and creating spaces we like.
I'm not sure if that ever ends.

The office is probably my favorite room so far.
It is one of the first rooms that I have ever really felt reflects our life.
I would love to paint it a pretty pastel color, but our budget is still recovering from the purchase!
Luckily it {and the entire house} are painted in a neutral color that I can live with.

Without further ado..

There are lots of details that still need to be found, like a lovely rug and some more wall decor.
It is our creative space where we make beautiful memories.

I hope you enjoy it!


Tuesday, May 08, 2012

On Buying A Foreclosure

Buying a home of our own has always been a goal in my life. Ever since I have been living in apartments - some well taken care of, some of questionable construction, - I have wanted to own my place. To be able to pour my love, sweat, + tears into it.
And now that we are finally here, I am so thankful. Everyone has been so supportive of us in this venture and I know that if anything happens, that we would have no problem finding a hand to help us up.

The housing crisis has allowed us to purchase a nice home with a huge yard. Something I didn't think we'd own until our 2nd or 3rd home.
It has allowed us to get a loan with a great interest rate.
It has allowed us to make a solid investment.

But when I visit this home, sometimes I stop and think about the people who used to own it. I wonder what they were like and if they still live around here.
Their misfortune has been our luck, and this makes me feel really guilty.
This was their home that they lived + loved in and it was taken from them by their bank.

On one of our initial trips to our new home, I found a toy car out in the yard. Almost buried by months of dirt.
It made me sad. 
Somewhere a little kid is without his toy, and his home.

I know that these circumstances are not my fault, and that if it wasn't us, it would be another couple purchasing this house. I am ever so thankful to be one of the lucky few that have a home to start a new life in.

In time this little house will become ours.
We will raise our babies here. We will have friends + family here. We will work hard here.
We will love here.
And that's all a house really wants.


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