Monday, July 18, 2011


  My mother left me her sewing machine the last time she was here so I could finish reupholstering the scratching post chair. I have been itching to sew something while I have it, but I don’t have quite the ambition for clothes yet. So I decided to sew a quilt because they look so cute and easy to make. Silly me. They are much harder than they look. Apparently, you have to make accurate measurements and plan ahead and, well that is just not my style.

  I dove in head first without any formal introduction about the world of quilting. I looked at photos of some and said “Okay, looks easy enough.” They are very tedious little projects and require much more math than I could ever be happy with. My first one isn’t as wonderful and awe-inspiring as I’d hope it to be, but it isn’t completely horrible. The squares don’t line up and the corners aren’t quite right, but you know what, it is kind of cute in all its imperfection. It has Wabi-Sabi..

  I did start making a second one before I even finished this one. It is bigger and more complex. I kind of planned ahead for this one. We will see if that helps any.

  All of this work has me wondering if quilting is really worth it to me. No one loves blankets quite like I do, but I think my future projects will be much easier. I’m talking giant squares and minimal seams.

  Quilting reminded me how much fun sewing can be. I remember doing a few projects in high school and how creative you can really get. I think what I really need is an introduction to sewing class.


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