Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Ocean

I have a secret love affair.

It's with sand.
And sun.
And birds.
And crashing waves.

It's with the laziness of the beach.
The free spirited laughter of children and adults.
The trust worthiness of strangers that exists nowhere else.

It's the salty air filling my lungs + coating my skin.
The tingle of the cold ocean water cleansing your unknown wounds.

The beach has magical powers.
Healing ones.
It cures your racing mind, your dampened spirit, your stress, if for just a little while.
It makes people fall in love again as they dance together in the bobbing waves.
It makes us all young again; body surfing, floating, building sand castles.

I am lucky to be so close to one that is so beautiful.
One that reminds me how truly perfect nature is.
And how the day to day is not nearly as important as life is.

I look forward to basking in the hot, comforting sun as it turns my white skin a reddish tone; as it lightens my hair and my soul.

The beach is where I live.
Where the sun is there to warm you, the salt there to heal you.



  1. I am counting down the days until beach time!

  2. lovely words, makes me want to live in a cottage on the beach forever and ever! I can't wait for our vacation to enjoy the beach too! Lucky you if you have it all year long!

  3. I cannot wait until the time comes when I can venture to the beach- I agree with you. It is magically freeing.

  4. BEAUTIFUL! there is no where I'd rather be!

    found you on the blog hop. Come join our ALEXA hop this week:



  5. What is it about water? It's like coming home...so totally relate.

    Visiting from Bass Giraffe

  6. Gorgeous. I often look to nature to center me -- it makes me feel so small, which is a good thing since it's so easy to feel like my life is everything. Looking forward to my own beach vacation and more of your posts :)

  7. Beautiful! We went to panama city right after we moved here, sadly it was too cold to actually enjoy the ocean. We ventured to Destin for our trip to the beach which was beautiful.

  8. I am also a beach lover, it is so calming and peaceful, how could you not fall in love with it!! :) I am a new follower from Casey Wiegand's link up! :)

  9. I do so love the beach too! We lived in San Diego for years but now we are in Phoenix, and while we enjoy living here the thing I miss the most is the beach! Thankfully it's only six hours away, so we get our beach fix several times a year....but I have to admit it's not quite the same! Your photos are definitely making me want to head back for the coast. And soon! I'm a new follower from the Friday Hop Till You Drop. I'd love for you to drop by my place too.

  10. I am your newest follower from the hop. It is true the beach and water can have a special effect on a person.


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